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Skopelos, one of the stunning Greek islands that form the group known as the Sporades Islands, is one of the most beautiful in all of Greece. Skopelos has a unique rugged coastline of 67km, making it an island with truly inspiring landscapes and unlike any other you will find around Greece.

With the perfect combination of the luschious green pine tress and the crystal blue sea waters, Skopelos was named as the "Green and Blue Island" by the International Organization of Biopolitics.

Peaceful, relaxing, and naturally beautiful, Skopelos has everything that one could desire, and is the perfect choice both for holidays and living in Greece.

It is an island that is popular throughout the year with both Greeks and visitors from abroad, and is one that has so much appeal and charm.

The "Skopelos Village" Real Estate project is one that we have successfuly developed to offer you the chance to be able to experience and enjoy the magic and natural beauty of the island.

We at "Skopelos Village" know just how unique the island of Skopelos is, and are delighted to be able to offer you both holidays and permanent residence here on our island through our real estate and development program.

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