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If your dream is to own a home in Skopelos island, "Skopelos Village Real Estate Project" can make your dream come true!

We at "Skopelos Village Real Estate Project" know just how unique the island of Skopelos is, and we are delighted to be able to offer you both holidays and permanent residence here on skopelos island through our real estate and development program.

Find your dream property in Skopelos!

Filled with dense forests that cover approximately 80% of the area, Skopelos island is considered to be the greenest island in the Aegean.

Its clear blue waters, lush vegetation, beautiful beaches and picturesque villages are some of the images that the island of Skopelos generously offers to its visitors.

"Skopelos Village Real Estate" is a project that aims to offer the opportunity to experience and enjoy the natural beauty of Skopelos island.

A development of apartments and maisonettes for sale in a unique complex with private pool in a walking distance from Skopelos town.

Skopelos Village Real Estate
Skopelos Village Real Estate
Skopelos Village Real Estate